Entry #2


2009-06-29 03:00:52 by Stunji

o_o Thanks everyone for the crits and comments on the art!

Gah, turns out the guy I scouted (who was totally awesome) decided to just stay at Deviant-art. If anyone has the link so I can put it here, lemme know!

He's wicked. I'm surprised (and happy) that I got to him first :D but sad now that he's gone!

Also: this is a study I did from the Visual Development artist Paul Lasaine, from a piece he did for 'Surf's Up!'. (Not gonna upload it to portal because it's not original)



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2009-06-29 11:06:30

You are amazing at what you do. You manage express in "a few" brush-strokes what others must go in detail to achieve.

Plus, I admire how you're helping "A" receive some well deserved attention. People tend to be pretty selfish when it comes to showing-off skill.

Two fantastic qualities in one person! Nice one.

Stunji responds:

Thanks! A mentor of mine (and also a great friend) told me that basically, there are 3 qualities you can have, but you only need 2 to get hired.

Good Attitude

You can be Skilled and Experienced, and you can get hired without being nice- you can be Experienced and Nice without necessarily being skilled, and you can probably get hired. But obviously all 3 is the best combination :)


2009-06-29 16:41:01

Ehh A had a good run, I think he deleted all his stuff and went back to deviant.

but at least you got me a new artist to follow over there!

Stunji responds:

Aww, that's a shame! Oh well...


2009-07-01 01:52:01

It looks like it's moving to me..


2009-12-12 20:08:02

I love your art especcialy your temple of light. Sadly I will never even get close to your art ability even though I wish to. But if you look at my art you will see it is amerture at best but ah well. It pleases me.

Anyway I love your art and I cant wait to see more!


2009-12-15 23:15:21

Damn, you'd make a fantastic concept artist for video games, animes, and such.


2010-04-07 16:13:10

I really like your speedpaintings. Keep being so skilled and creative!


2010-06-29 13:59:44

wow seen your other work and I have to say im just floored with the quality of it all. Each piece conveys emotions just through color alone.

How long have you been doing this? All I can figure out is that you put plenty of time studying and applying what you have studied.


2011-09-04 02:07:34

I just have to say.... You... amaze me! You are so gifted, I love your art! Your style combined with your ideas make such excellent paintings. :) Keep up the fantastic work! (I guess that goes without saying, lol) I shall continue to stalk your page... >:)