2009-06-29 03:00:52 by Stunji

o_o Thanks everyone for the crits and comments on the art!

Gah, turns out the guy I scouted (who was totally awesome) decided to just stay at Deviant-art. If anyone has the link so I can put it here, lemme know!

He's wicked. I'm surprised (and happy) that I got to him first :D but sad now that he's gone!

Also: this is a study I did from the Visual Development artist Paul Lasaine, from a piece he did for 'Surf's Up!'. (Not gonna upload it to portal because it's not original)



2009-06-27 04:26:34 by Stunji

I've come around here since I was like.. 13 (I'm 19 now.). I am usually too busy to do anything animation oriented, but I will try to do something once in a long while. I think it will help with my drawing/painting alot. Discovering things about movement and gesture to make a more dynamic image, or some shit like that...